Assignments and Quizzes

After registering for the course you will be sent a copy of  
"The Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds"
Required chapters to be read before class will be shown here
After reading Chapter please click on the Quiz in the Assignment Column
The access code for all Quizzes is: Bonds17
Due Date  Reading   Assignment
2/27/17  Chapter 1: Overview of the Municipal Bond Market Quiz 1
 3/6/17 Chapter 2: The Basics of Municipal Bonds  Quiz 2
3/13/17 Chapter 3: The Issuers Quiz 3
3/20/17 Chapter 7: Credit Analysis Quiz 4
 3/27/17 Chapter 8: Understanding Interest Rates  Quiz 5
4/3/17  Chapter 9: Regulatory and Disclosure Requirements
Quiz 6
4/10/17 Chapter 4: The Primary Market Quiz 7
 4/24/17 Chapter 5: The Secondary Market Quiz 8
5/1/17  Chapter 6: Investing in Bonds
Chapter 10: Financial Products

Quiz 9
Quiz 10
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